Without the Amazon Store Cashier Go Only Able to Serve 20 Buyers

The concept of the store without the cashier who was tested Amazon, through a physical store called Amazon Go, was still experiencing serious problems. Technology applied so far difficulties guest serve more than 20 people at the same time.

Concept sales without cashier technology that has been tested in the Amazon store in Seattle, since last December. For the first phase of trials specifically conducted to serve their own employees.

Unfortunately, the technology is expected to be a breakthrough appeared to have a weakness. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal last week, Amazon Go can only operate normally when in the supermarket there are only about 20 customers.

If the amount the buyer exceed that number, the tracking technology in supermarkets will fail to work. Another issue, this clever supermarket apparently has a problem related to the ability of tracking goods. Especially when the goods are removed from their proper place.

Currently, Amazon, which has been focusing on binis e-commerce, has opened a supermarket Amazon Go is located in Seattle, in addition to the five physical bookstore. They had originally planned to add one other smart supermarket in March. However, with the above problems in the plan seems to be delayed until an undetermined time. 

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