Xiaomi Introduces Powerful Intel Smart Shoes

Xiaomi has been targeting to product tracker sport with its popular product Mi Band. Chinese manufacturers now it has been expanding its presence with his first intelligent shoe.

Has an official name "90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear", the product was made in partnership with Intel, which gives the brain of the shoe, the Curie module.

The price of a pair of shoes was CNY 300 or $ 43, has a battery life of 60 days, and can track your movements - from walking or running, and even climbing. At the end of the day, you'll get a report mileage, pace and calories burned.
The shoe itself has a cushion of air, anti-skid feature, insoles and arch design with antibacterial insoles.

Four color options will be available when the smart shoe was launched in mid-April, the Black and Blue for men, Black and Pink for women. A Blue Special Edition which glows in the dark for night runners.