ZenPower Ultra, Ultra Power Bank Helpless

POWERBANK has become a primary need in the community, especially among the gadget users of telecommunications and multimedia devices. These devices help them to remain active and connected.
ASUS As one of the major players in the mobile telecommunications equipment industry, continue to update the supporters. This time with the release of a new product called ASUS ZenPower Ultra.
ASUS ZenPower Ultra is the latest POWERBANK made by ASUS that can be said to have a maximum of two things. First, it has the power POWERBANK or ultra large power, has a capacity of 20,100 mAh. This is of course a large capacity is more than enough to be used in conjunction with a variety of gadgets that you owned.
ZenPower Ultra
The second factor, ZenPower Ultra also has a maximum protection, especially for safety, because it has 8 security certification from third parties that make international certification standards for the security of a product.
Not only obtain security certification, ASUS ZenPower Ultra also comes with 11 additional security features to protect users from a variety of gadgets potential for interference. Among temperature protection, short ciruit protection, input / output over-voltage protection, input reverse direction protection, overcharge / discharge protection, output over-current protection, protection adapters and others.
In addition to the large-capacity ultra 20.100mAh, ASUS ZenPower Ultra also supports fast charging (quick charging) thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology. Interestingly, not only on a single USB port is provided, but the two ports. Both now support fast charging port, with a total output of the two ports could reach more than 36W.
Thus, the battery recharging rechargeable gadget that can reach 1.75 times faster than the recharge using POWERBANK not support quick charge technology.
Not only battery recharging gadgets that supports quick charging. ASUS ZenPower also supports quick recharge so it can be re-filled quickly. If recharged using the adapter that supports quick charge, battery-owned ZenPower 20,100 mAh Ultra can be fully charged in less than 7.5 hours.
Another feature that is very useful on the ASUS ZenPower Ultra is the availability of LED lights will help to search when in a dark room. Users also do not need to carry a flashlight when traveling, for example when going camping or trekking. Price ASUS ZenPower Ultra Power Bank is priced at $ 57.