3 Console Gim Hybrid Most Bizarre World

Before there was the Nintendo Switch, who would suspect the IBM PC and home console can be fused into a unique and strange game consoles ever in the world in the 1990s.

Before Nintendo launches hybrid console called the Nintendo Switch, in fact, in the era of several tech companies had launched the console / PC games hybrid 'concoction' of their own.

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, devices made by third-party technology vendors must be screwed into the PC like the graphics card and sound card installed in a PC today.

With these devices, players can play several games console titles reputable, such as the Sega Saturn and Sega Genesis.

Here we have presented three of the most unique hybrid console ever released in the market.

1. 3DO Blaster

3DO Blaster
In the 90s, many PC users are familiar with the brand Creative Labs with some well-known series such as Sound Blaster, Modem Blaster, Blaster Game, and much more.

Of the entire series Blaster Creative Labs introduced, there is one product that appear unique blasters and strange at the present.

Is 3DO Blaster, a device that can change the IBM PC became a 3DO game consoles, complete with CD-ROM drives, card ISA (Industry Standard Architecture), and can be paired with a controller 3DO.

While sliding on the market, the device is priced at US $ 400, complete with several games titles. A high price for the device when it's games.

2. Sega TeraDrive  

Sega TeraDrive
Still in it's heyday in the 90s game consoles, Sega launched a device called TeraDrive, a 286-based IBM PC made in which the technology installed is similar to the Sega Genesis console.

As with other IBM PC, Sega TeraDrive can also run MS-DOS programs. Not only that, users can also play Genesis games-games on the PC, and can also develop their own game using the SDK available.

3. Diamond Edge 3D  

Diamond Edge 3D
Familiar with Nvidia brand? Surely you PC users are already familiar with this famous GPU manufacturer.

Through NV1, Nvidia introduced a graphics accelerator chipset is capable of performing hardware similar to the Sega Saturn console.

Bundled together with the Diamond Edge 3D, NV1 is the only set of PC graphics card that supports native Sega Saturn controllers, and some of the games on the CD.

Unlike some devices that are on this list, Diamond Edge 3D can not play straight games-games Saturn. To accommodate these limitations, Sega launched the sixth title of his most popular games to be played using this graphics card.

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