5 Best Educational Apps for Kids

In the period from year to year are not surprised us that has many latest applications available to train our children who are under the age of 5 years to train his mind. Even small children now had good play smartphone technology owned by his parents.

Therefore, every parent should always keep an eye on their children's behavior when using smatphone to play. However, parents are always confused about whether a smartphone can educate their children or even make it increasingly lazy. Therefore parents should direct them to the game which also can educate them.
For that we have set up 5 application to support the children's learning even easier.

1. How to make Paper Airplanes

How to make Paper Airplanes
How to make Paper Airplanes is an Android application that will appeal to kids. This application illustrates how to make a paper plane in 3D animation so that children can learn quickly how to make paper planes by means of folded paper folding (origami). Instructions were given a very clear and simple.

2. iStoryBooks

iStoryBooks is an Android application that offers an extensive collection of children's books that are equipped with sound and image. A very good application for kids to tell children stories. Parents can control these applications and determines the book whatever is put in the application library. There is also a library-protected section, which is devoted to the elderly.

3. 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun

123s ABCs Handwriting Fun
Help your child to practice writing with manifold application finger tracing these flashcards. 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun leave a mark and trace the letters and numbers could then be given instructions on how to write in children. Just shake and delete to start writing from scratch. A great app for children will also have good handwriting.

4. Kids Number and Math 

Kids Number and Math
It is an educational application for children which will encourage children across the world to study mathematics and numerical. Guided by a friendly voice children in a fun way.

Applications (although suitable also called game) is equipped with pictures and sounds that appeal to children without presenting a confusing interface, because its main focus is to learn. Game goes on based on the level of difficulty, and without knowing the child will be more adept at mathematics her.

5. Homework

Homework is a useful application that is intended for older children. With this application, your child can schedule tasks and homework, set reminders, review learning plans for a retrial, so that they can manage time more effectively.

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