5 Free Android Game The Most Exciting Race

Playing racing game is never boring. We can drive at high speed without having to fear death. Besides being fun, graphic contemporary racing games absolutely riveting. So whether you are a racing game enthusiast? If so, we'll give you five recommendations racing games of Android that you must try.

1. Asphalt Xtreme 

Asphalt Xtreme
The first one is a game made by Gameloft, Asphalt Xtreme. Graphic matter undoubtedly, because Xtreme Asphalt blended with super cool graphics. Of course, in this car racing game you will race ria with many opponents. Until now, there are 35 models of vehicles provided.

Not only that, in this game, you can play online or play career mode with challenges that must be conquered. This game can be downloaded for free, but there are some items that are sold.

2. CSR Racing 2 

CSR Racing 2
Furthermore, there is CSR Racing 2, a car racing game made in NaturalMotionGames already been downloaded by more than ten million users of Android. Unlike Asphalt Xtreme, more focused CSR Racing 2 presents a drag racing mode only. To add to the excitement, you can buy a car, to upgrade the ability of the car, to modify the car.

You can also play multiplayer online mode thanks to features that were presented. Graphically, we think this one game is not less cool than Asphalt Xtreme. The good news, CSR Racing 2 is a game freemium or free for download, but in it there are some cool items that are sold.

3. Drag Racing 

Drag Racing
Much like CSR Racing 2, Drag Racing is a car racing game drag. But in Drag Racing you will be required to be a professional mechanic, where you have to modify the engine so the car can be run quickly.

So this game is perfect for those who prefer fiddling with the innards of the car. In addition to the file size is not too large, Drag Racing can be played using a smartphone with 2 GB of RAM below.

4. GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2
GT Racing 2 is a racing game that is also created by Gameloft. Although not as famous as Asphalt Extreme, this one game no less exciting and cool. In this game you can buy a car or increase the speed of the car with some of the items provided.

So that users can not easily bored, GT Racing 2 presents 71 cars and 13 tracks variants streets. The excitement will grow when you baradu racing with friends online. GT Racing 2 you can download for free.

5. Traffic Rider  

Traffic Rider
Unlike the previous four racing games, Trafic Rider is a motorcycle racing game. Initially you will be in the Arm with motorcycle battered small cc. However once you successfully complete the mission after mission, you will be given a reward in the form of money to buy a motorcycle in a faster or upgrade capabilities of your motorcycle. Graphics are served is quite cool and also created a variety of game control. 

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