A Number of Users Complaining Screen Samsung Galaxy S8 Redness

Unit Samsung Galaxy S8 has started is sent to a number of consumers who previously had to pre-order in advance. But the news is less pleasant sounds coming from consumers who have received their orders smartphone unit.

Reporting from GSM Arena, a number of users Galaxy S8 in Korea complained about reddish color on the screen of their smartphone. 

samsung galaxy s8
Among them are some who try to perform color display settings on a smartphone, but it does not also improve his condition.
Samsung immediately respond to the complaint. The South Korean company said the issue is not a problem of product quality. Users can set their own on their smartphone device. However, if the redness persists, customers can bring it to the service center Samsung.

However, the fact that a number of users claimed to have been optimizing the settings screen but still no change. If so, this issue will certainly be an additional "image" bad for Samsung after their failure in the product Galaxy Note 7.

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