Accused of Got Racist Filter, FaceApp Apologizes

Barack Obama
Image: New York Magazine
The current photo editing app, FaceApp, apologizes for having developed an algorithm that some people regard as racist.

Just so you know, FaceApp app lets users upload photos of selfie or someone's face, then edit them with various filters available. From the face of beautiful, handsome, young, and old filters, to change the gender can be done with FaceApp.

So, why FaceApp apologize?

The problem is because this application presents a hotness filter (which is now a spark) that is considered racist. Many users abroad who find these filters excessive effect of light, so it can change the color of the skin.

This is seen when this filter is applied to the 44th US presidential photo of Barack Obama. When compared between the two photos, ie before being edited and once given a filter, it is very clear changes in skin color of Obama.

In an email, FaceApp founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov apologized.

"We are very sorry about this serious problem.This is not a desirable behavior and is the impact of the training bias being implemented," Goncharov said.

To reduce the problem, FaceApp has changed the filter name (from hotness to spark) and will then make a complete fix that is soon released. The Guardian previously reported that FaceApp was very popular over the past few weeks.

Instead of changing the name, there are those who judge that FaceApp better pull the filter from circulation until it is replaced by a non-racist filter.

Goncharov also denied that the filter is supported by the application of artificial intelligence technology from several open sources, such as Google's TensorFlow or others.

The CEO asserts that the data set used to implement the filter belongs to FaceApp itself, not the public data set. Thus, FaceApp will be responsible for fixing it.