Alert, Victims Seek Child Predator via App Dating

Use of the Internet for children's parents had to be monitored. Moreover, the action of child predators in the virtual domain has continued soar. One of the newest mode is targeting victims via teen dating application, Yellow.

According proclaimed Mirror, threats targeting child predators via the Yellow recent casualties occurred in the region of Northumbria, England. Local police are investigating who the real perpetrators of this disturbing action.

Police also appealed schools and parents to immediately check whether their children use the Yellow. If anyone is found using these applications, it is recommended to remove it immediately.

Yellow is a dating app is available for iOS and Android devices. The concept itself is actually emphasizing the search to a friend for a chat.

How it works exactly like the Yellow Tinder, pulled-users can swipe to the right if you like with a prospective date or to the left if you do not like.

This application can be used for users aged 13 years and over, while users aged between 13-17 years must be accompanied by a parent when using it.

Yellow Party dismissed the issues related to child predators that roam the application. The reason, they block access to the user's contacts over 18 years to communicate with users under 18 years old.

In fact, it could be child predators to register with the guise of users under 18 years of age, because the application does not have a verification system when users register.

Police said they will continue to investigate the case. They will also speak with Yellow to cope with security systems and verification of user registration.

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