Alipay Bag More Than 450 Million Active Users

Since its founding in 2004 until today, Alipay has developed rapidly. For example, in 2005, the company has been presenting the customer service (customer service) 24 hours non-stop.

Then in 2006, Alipay began working with various companies, including banks. Three years after its inception, Alipay recorded has 50 million subscribers, and it was only 30 million people who use credit cards in China.

Alipay got older age, more and more achievements made, for example, go into mobile platforms and can be used for different types of payment transactions.

In 2014, Alipay re-branding into Ant Financial Services Group. Now, Ant Financial provides for the payment of more than 450 million active users in China and the surrounding areas through Alipay application products.


Alipay can be used to pay for transactions online transportation, hotel, buy movie tickets, pay some bills, payment of physician services, and buy financial products and manage them.

Financial Ant was increasingly spread its wings outside of China with a wide range of cooperation, for example with local partners in India, Southeast Asia, and South Korea to present digital payments and innovative financial services to local users.

BBM has also been transformed into a platform of messaging applications that provide various services to facilitate users.

The joint venture between the two will offer mobile payment technology into e-commerce, service over the top (OTT) services online to offline (o2o) as well as merchants who want to improve payment services.

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