Amazon boss Will Send Man into Space in 10 Minutes

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plans to bring space travel to the few who can afford expensive. Bezos said he will fly humans into space only a short time.

Citing reports Business Insider, long travel time from Earth to space promised Bezos touted only take between 10-11 minutes.

 Unfortunately, not any people can enjoy this unique tour, for one capsule only able to carry a maximum of six passengers only. This capsule will be launched with a rocket to an altitude of 62 miles above sea level.
Amazon CEO

The lucky passenger into space follow travel could feel himself floating in space without gravity maximum of five minutes. They also could open the seat belt installed in the seat as well as perform various activities in the capsule.

Do not worry, Bezos and his team will deliver passengers return to Earth safely, by dropping the capsule to land in West Texas.

Just FYI, the space tourism project spearheaded by Bezos is called Blue Origin. Reported by The New York Times recently, to fund Blue Origin, the richest man in the world number two is even willing to sell his Amazon stock worth US $ 1 billion.

Unfortunately, not yet known how tariff to be paid by passengers if they want to follow the flight with a capsule belonging to Blue Origin.

If the estimated rates of similar tours run Virgin Galactic, the passenger will have to pay at least US $ 250 thousand to be able to enjoy a trip into space.

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