Apple Has the Idea of Making Products from Recycled Materials

In addition to pursuing business in the mobile phone industry, Apple in fact also has a concern for the environment. This is then proven by three consecutive awards from Greenpeace as the most environmentally friendly company.

In operation, Apple decided to use renewable energy in full since 2012. One of them is what Apple does in its headquarters being built.

Although it has suppressed the use of energy as efficiently as possible, this does not make Apple satisfied. There are still a number of components in the product obtained from the mining of the earth.


Therefore, in order to be more environmentally friendly, Apple according to the latest information plans how to do not use the mine. And instead of using mine, Apple wants to use recycled materials.

"It sounds crazy, but we are working on it one day we want to be able to create new products with only recycled materials, including your old products," Apple wrote quoted from Ubergizmo.

However, according to Apple's VP of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, this is still a consideration at Apple. And they find out how it performs.

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