Apple Open Jobs, Interested?

Earlier this month, Apple is rumored to be developing the graphics card (GPU) for the iPhone independently. Thus, the company will reduce dependence with Imagination Technologies, a supplier of graphics chip supplier for the iPhone and iPad to date.

Apparently, the information was not just a figment. Based on the latest job vacancies, Apple is known is looking for employees to design and develop a GPU chip.

Apple Inc
Quoted from Phone Arena, there are 11 vacancies that opened to the Apple offices based in the UK. One of the jobs listed are the Engineering Program Manager for the design team of the newly formed graphic card.

Other positions are also sought after is someone who has knowledge of the design of micro-architectural details, including the operation when using a larger GPU.

However, Apple did not mention explicitly that position will be devoted to the development of the GPU. For information, the news about the Cupertino-based company plans to work on its own GPU from Imagination Technologies known some time ago.

According to the British company, Apple plans to no longer use their technology within the next two years. Apple plans to work independently to control its own products and reduce dependence on technology Imagination.

If this news is true, it turns out there is another problem that is expected to be Apple's face. Imagination feel the Cupertino-based company's efforts to work on the GPU itself is almost inextricably tied to patent infringement.

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