Apple Will Launch Satellite to Spread Internet Connection?

Apple is reportedly planning to follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Google to launch its own internet service. Company creator iPhone and iPad was reportedly going to use satellites to smooth the plan.

According to Bloomberg reports, Apple has even recruited two top Google officials who play a role in satellite development. The two 'hijacked' top brass are John Fenwick and Michael Treja.

Quoted from Business Insider, Apple has prepared a special team commanded by Greg Duffy, founder of Dropcam. Later, the team built for the special project will be operated like a startup.

The issue of Apple's satellite plan is also supported by previous reports that Apple has acquired a company in the field of air technology by 2015. In addition, Apple is said to be supporting Boeing's plan to launch 100 satellite internet service providers.

For information, Facebook and Google are known companies have begun to develop their own deployment of Internet services. Both companies also began open trials in several areas with several methods.

Latest, the social media was conducting trials by utilizing helicopters nirawak to emit the internet. Previously, also conducted a test aircraft named Aquila humili connecting internet access to remote areas.

Google did not differ much. The internet giant has a similar project that is now handled by the X Division of Alphabet, to provide Internet network utilizing hot air balloons.

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