Berlin Refuses Licensed Google's Startup Headquarters Development

Image: Officelovin

The effort to build Google's startup headquarters for entrepreneurs in Berlin (called Campus) was rejected by city planning experts and local communities.

The Business Insider report, said that Google is currently seeking permission to use a historic building in Kreuzberg, Germany, as the technology center of Campus Berlin. However, a member of the Council gave a statement to local media that the permit's request had been rejected.

Green Board Member Julian Schwarze told the Neues Deutschland newspaper that the project was rejected because local residents feared the construction would cause noise.

"The project will be supplemented by the installation of stories in historical buildings that exceed the size of the designated area," said Schwarze.

The plan, the technology center will open in September 2017. Because the permission was eventually rejected, the opening of Campus Berlin will withdraw from the expected time.

The public is concerned about the impact of Google Campus on the cost of housing in that location. They fear the rental price will soar along with the many technology companies that gather there.

"When large technology companies settle in an area, the area will change a lot, one of which is more expensive rent," said Coni Pfeiffer, of the local Glorreice initiative.

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