Beware, Use Ad Blocker Can be Tracked Precisely Advertiser

Most of us would put up ad blocking extensions (ad blocker) to get rid of annoying ads to see the website. However, recent studies reveal the use of ad blockers can actually be tracked by advertisers (advertiser). According to reports PageFair in 2016, a total of 615 million registered device wear ad blocker. Reports say, most users wear so as not disturbed any time to access the website.
Ad Blocker
Others just wear ad blocker to limit the ability of advertisers to track them (according to preference) online. In fact, in reality this would open the gap for advertisers to track them down.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports in 2010 ago reveal a browser or a browser is not fully able to protect the information that is tracked by advertisers.

The latest, the French research institute found that any sophisticated features in the ad blocker, it will not fully potent close loopholes that can be tracked by advertisers. Not only ad blocker, but also other extensions that require information from the user. However, it is identified by a sort of extension Ghostery - browser plugin that works to protect our privacy from tracker - it is not too helpful.

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