Bose Headset Accused Can Spy User

One Bose user thinks the headset he uses can spy on it. For that reason, the consumer filed a lawsuit against Bose.

Kyle Zak, the consumer's name, claims Bose utilizes its wireless headphones and Bose Connect applications to violate US tapping laws.

According to him, through Bose Connect headphones and applications, Bose secretly collects and delivers music data and audio preferences to third parties, including data mining companies.

In his lawsuit, Zak mentions that music preferences are sufficient data to reveal many things such as the nature, behavior, political views, and even a person's sexual orientation.

Quoted from Cnet, the lawsuit filed to federal court in Chicago, USA is aimed at making Bose stop doing these fraudulent practices and to no longer violate the privacy of consumers.

"In a number of scientific studies, music preferences explicitly reflect the characteristics of a person such as age, behavior, and can even be used to identify a person with autism," says Zak.

Zak mentioned, he knows Bose sends data about himself to third parties such as site, where the website offers to collect consumer data and send it to anyone. Bose has not opened the case for this case. 

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