Buy Now Can Mobile Token Gim Cipika Application Through Play

Cipika Play, e-Commerce Indosat Ooredoo, develop mobile applications to facilitate gamers when buying tokens Cipika Play Point.

Indosat Ooredo claims Cipika Play app comes with UI / UX (User Interface / User Experience) that has been polished so that the display and navigation becomes more simple, intuitive, and practical when used.

Carlos Karo Karo, Head of eCommerce Ooredoo Indosat, said customer demand which is actually derived from the gamer continues to rise. Most want to access services easily with transactions that are not long-winded.

Cipika Play

"Competition is increasingly competitive games industry. To address this growing market, we have developed a mobile application to bring Cipika Play closer to customers," said Carlos at app launch Cipika Play in DigiPlay, Indosat Ooredoo central office in Jakarta.

"With the selection of the access via web sites and applications, we expect the transaction to the customer could continue to rise," he continued.

Carlos explained, buy tokens with Cipika Play Point is also easy. How, after customer registration and verification, they will automatically receive a virtual number "0814x". The number aims to expand and facilitate customers to top up, because it can be done in more than 80,000 agents spread across Indonesia pulses.

During the promotion period, Cipika Play will give you a bonus token value Cipika Play Points worth 10 percent to top up with Indosat pulse cutting method. Currently, the new Play Cipika application is available for Android. Carlos revealed that the iOS version will follow in the near future.

League of Legends Garuda Series

At the same time, Cipika Play also collaborated with renowned games publisher Garena games held an international competition "League of Legends Garuda Series". The competition aims to develop the games industry, particularly eSports, to League of Legends, which is one of the biggest eSports title games in the world.

This competition will be held in Ooredoo Indosat building, 4th floor on Saturday, April 1, 2017 10:00 am until 21:00 pm. Noted, there are 4 of the best professional team League Legends of Indonesia that will compete. They will compete for the title of National Champion League of Legends Garuda Series Spring 2017 with a total prize of Rp 250 million ($ 18 767).