Call India Poor, Boycott Users Snapchat

Snapchat boycott being intensively conducted by users in the region of India since yesterday. The move follows a controversial statement Snap CEO. Inc. Evan Spiegel revealed in a lawsuit from a former employee of the company.

Based on information from the lawsuit, known Spiegel once called Snapchat is not intended for poor countries. "This application is intended only for the rich. I do not wanna work for poor countries such as India and Spain," Spiegel said as quoted by the Economic Times.

For information, the lawsuit filed by a former employee named Anthony Pompliano is a reaction to the company's decision to fire him. Through the lawsuit also called Snapchat too much store user data and a number of company executives do not really know the important information.

Disclosure of such information, making social media timeline was briefly enlivened by the hashtag #BoycottSnapchat and # Uninstall-Snapchat. Not only that, many users give a bad rating on the Snapchat app on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

In response to this information, Snapchat spokesperson has denied this through an official statement. Companies that recently went public last month calling Snapchat app is intended for everyone and is available worldwide for free download.

"The statement was written by a disgruntled former employee. We are grateful for Snapchat communities in India and around the world," said social media in a statement. In addition, the company has denied giving the wrong user data metrics for investors in 2015.

Although the action is being intensively conducted, some analysts predict that it will not have much impact for Snapchat. The reason, Snapchat users in India only about 4 million, far less than Facebook users reached 200 million in the country.

The latest information also mentions of active daily users Snapchat, amounting to 158 million, 50 percent of whom are in the United States and the rest are scattered in other countries. To that end, the boycott is expected to soon subside in the coming months.

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