Celebrate Birthday 3, Summoners War-cry Invite Gamers Better Together While Can Gift!

Imperceptibly, it Summoners War has entered the age of the 3rd year since the game was launched globally. In order to celebrate the birthday of Summoners War, Com2us presents a variety of the latest event gamers will surely be interesting to follow. Anything?
Summoners War
For gamers who are curious, there are approximately 6 kinds of events that have been presented Com2us. Following the sixth event:

1. Event Coins 3 Years
2. Burning Event Time & [Double] Burning Time
3. Dungeon Angelmon / Rainbowmon / Devilmon Open!
4. Invoke 5x!
5. Bonus Energy 3x a day
6. Energy Unlimited and Essence Ganda!

From looking at the event title of his course, gamers must have been able to know what the prize is shared. Therefore, make sure you do not miss a single event is presented Summoners War in celebrating the third anniversary of this.

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