Close the Digital Camera Division, Samsung Focus Camera 360?

Samsung is rumored to be closing the digital camera division since 2015. Until now, the rumors have not been proven true. In fact, South Korean companies have denied the rumors.

Instead they drifted information that Samsung is going to close its digital camera division. According to internal sources, Samsung is no longer going to produce and sell digital cameras on the market.

"They will produce the latest camera line to continue their business," said an unnamed source is quoted as saying Ubergizmo.

New camera line in question is none other than the Samsung cameras to smartphones, namely the 360 cameras and accessories. The camera is capable of capturing images and high-resolution video in 360 degrees.

One of the reasons why Samsung chose to close its digital camera line not because the competition is so great oppressed. According to The Investor, Samsung had already been defeated in the segment of entry-level cameras for many switch vendors release a smartphone with a camera whose quality is qualified.

"Even the big players like Canon and Nikon are already 100 years working in the camera industry had to fight in the premium market," the report said.

In addition, one indication Samsung plans to close its camera division is the absence of updates on the site of Samsung cameras. It added that there was a retailer in Portugal that has completely stopped the addition of the stock camera Samsung.

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