Cold War, Apple Almost Clear Uber from the App Store?

The relationship between Apple and Uber lately has not gone too well. The reason, Uber caught they do not comply with Apple's privacy rules applied to the App Store app store. In fact, Apple is known to keep the privacy of its application.

The cold war began when CEO Uber Travis Kallanick met with Apple CEO Tim Cook in 2015. In a closed meeting, Kallanick allegedly told the Uber engineer team to disguise one feature in the Uber app.

This effort allows companies to secretly identify data and even location of iPhone users. Identification of data and location can even be done if the Uber application has been removed from the iPhone.


After knowing that, Cook was not happy and reprimanded Kallanick. He asked Uber to immediately stop the plan. Because otherwise, Apple will remove the Uber app from the App Store.

Given Uber users are also mostly from the IOS device, Kallanick was immediately complied with Cook's request. But because of the problem, until now the relationship between the two companies reported slightly stretchable.

When confirmed, Uber dismissed if the feature could identify user data and location. According to the company, a feature suspected of violating privacy serves as a fraud detection feature.

"We will not track their users or locations, even after they remove the app." Uber stressed.

"That feature is precisely a feature created to prevent fraud from loading apps coming from stolen phones, stolen credit cards, and traveling Uber with expensive rates. It is also able to detect and block suspicious login activity to protect user accounts, "he continued.

This is not the first time Uber has been accused of using the app for violating privacy. Previously, the San Francisco-based company was also caught using a secret tool called "Greyball".

This tool aims to thwart the efforts of local governments to find out if Uber violates the rules. At the same time, Uber says they will no longer use the tool.

In 2014, one of Uber's executives also used an internal feature called "God View" to track the user's location unnoticed. Because of that, Uber must hire security experts and privacy from third parties in order not to get the same incident.

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