Donald Trump Make Satellite Calls to Outer Space, What Want?

Donald Trump
(Image: Business Insider)

US President Donald Trump called the International Space Station (space station) on Monday (04/24/2017) ago. What is the purpose?

This satellite phone call was made Trump to congratulate an astronaut Peggy Whitson who broke the record of being the longest-lived US living in space.

Whitson has been in the ISS for 534 days and is scheduled to stay there for at least the next five months.

Prior to Whitson, the longest running record at the ISS space station was held by astronaut Jeff Williams.

"This is an amazing record, and on behalf of our nation and the world, I congratulate you (Whitson)," Trump pronounced over a satellite telephone.

The 57-year-old Whitson is also the oldest living woman in space. In fact, he has been leading the ISS for twice.

"It's a great honor to break this record and it's also a great honor to be able to represent everyone in NASA who lives in space," Whitson said in a telephone call to Trump.

End of March 2017, Trump is rumored to have signed a memo to formalize funding for NASA and make a plan to put people on Mars by 2030.

Whitson said the researchers involved in the ISS are currently studying how to make missions to Mars a reality. This is done by looking at the effects of microgravity on the human body and finding ways to recycle water.