EA Ready to Release Successor Star Wars: Battlefront

Electronic Arts (EA) confirmed that it will release the sequel to the games Star Wars: Battlefront which was first introduced in 2015. So far, EA will still use the title Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for games against a background of the star wars.

Quoted from Game Spot, trailer debut of these games will be released on April 15, 2017. The trailer will debut in one of the panel entitled 'The Galaxy Wide Premiere of Star Wars Battlefront II' at Star Wars Celebration event.

Although not yet confirmed the release and platform time to play, chances are the games that will be released this year, given the announcements that have been made. Unfortunately, EA did not reveal much information about this game.


However, the games were already sounded existence since last year it will be equipped with a variety of content from the era of the Star Wars franchise.

It supported the statement EA CFO Blake Jorgensen who called, the successor to Star Wars: Battlefront will come with a deeper story and the larger world.

Not only that, these games are also touted to answer criticism from a number of players on multiplayer format in the first series.

Although admittedly interesting, it was not a bit player wants a more complete game format. Therefore, the development team will also focus on the single player element in the campaign mode (campaign) these games.

For information, the public response to the first series of Star Wars: Battlefront is also fairly positive. One of them is derived from platform players PlayStation 4 (PS4). Within 24 hours after release, the games have managed to attract about 188 971 players on the PS4.

The number was still higher than other players on the two platforms, such as Xbox One and PC. The number of players in each of these platforms is 113 696 and 48 292 when first released.

Although EA did not release sales data for these games, the player list at least be able to give an idea that acceptance of these games is quite high.

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