Easy Ways Gear S3 Frontier Pairing with iPhone

Samsung smartwatch lineup can now be paired with the iPhone. Well, how about an easy way to connect?

Starting January 7th, 2017 Samsung has been giving support to Apple's mobile phone for some homemade smartwatch, which include Frontier Gear S3, S3 Gear Classic, Gear S2, and Gear Fit 2.

However, the South Korean vendors restrict iPhone devices that can be supported. Minimal is the iPhone 5.

To connect the two devices is fairly easy. We have tested the S3 Frontier Gear connect to the iPhone 6. Here are the steps:
  • Make sure the software in S3 is the latest gear.
  • Gear S3 device that we use R760XXU1APK6.
  • Download Gear S in the Apps Store.
  • Enable bluetooth on the iPhone
  • Once downloaded, run the application Gear S.
  • Press Connect to Gear. 
  • When you have scanned, tap Pair on both devices.
  • Some will access permissions requested by the application.
  • When all is approved, the process is complete. Gear S3 Frontier already connected. 
In addition, in contrast to Android that instantly connects Gear Frontier S3 can directly receive or make calls, not so in the iPhone. We need bluetooth settings beforehand.

So there will be two connections bluetooth on the iPhone. For his setting, do the following:

  • Make sure the iPhone and gear S3 is connected.
  • On the iPhone go to Settings> Bluetooth
  • Section of the device we will see devices S3 Gear unconnected.
  • Press to connect.

  • There will be a demand Pair on both devices. Press both.
  • If so, Gear S3 Frontier can answer or make phone calls.  

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