Facebook Introduces Device to Prevent Education Hoax

News that is not attested hoax alias already so troubling thing for internet users. In fact, the impact can break the unity country . It is recognized by Facebook as the largest social networking platform at this time.

Through an official statement of Facebook, a social networking from the United States to remind all parties to the eradication of the circulation of a hoax is the responsibility of all parties.

Facebook also issued an educational device to ward off a hoax. According to VP of News Feed Faceboook Adam Mosseri, this device is located at the top of the News Feed Facebook users in 14 cities for a few days. Unfortunately, no mention in any city-related information.

Mosseri in his statement said, Facebook is now focused to combat the spread of false news in three areas. The first is to inhibit economic incentives, as most of false news has a financial motive.

The second is Facebook working to create new products to stop the spread of false news, and thirdly Facebook wants to assist the user in order to take a decision based on sufficient information to discover the false news.

"As an ongoing effort, we have been consulting with First Draft, to launch an educational device for people to recognize false news," said Mosseri.

First Draft is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the ability and the standards for reporting information online.

First Draft is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the ability and the standards for reporting in way works, when people click on the device education at the top of the News Feed, they will see more information on the Facebook Help Center, in addition there will also be tips on how recognize false news. For example, by checking the URL of the site, investigate the source of the news, and search for other reports related to the topic.

"News Feed is a place to communicate and promote literacy on the news is our priority. Therefore, Facebook helps so that people understand how to make decisions about the most trusted news sources," said Mosseri.

Although the device is still be educating users, Facebook mentions his party would continue to combat the circulation of hoaxes. Efforts to combat hoax on Facebook also announced by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg via her upload .formasi online.

"We started testing piloted a device to help you find a fake news. When you clicking devices that are on the top of the News Feed, you'll get tips on how to mark the hoax that deliberately to make people misunderstand," said Zuck.