Facebook Now More Smart Detect Fake Account

In theory, each user may only have one Facebook account for himself. In fact, a number of users actually have more than one Facebook account: one for the public and the other private account special friends with family members. Not only that, there are also people who deliberately make the accounts up to an unnatural purpose. For example, for the violence Siber (cyberbullying) or mimic a (fake account).
Citing reports Ubergizmo Facebook users who abuse will be more difficult to make a fake account or accounts to cyber violence. Therefore, the social network Mark Zuckerberg made a false account cs make detection easier. In an upload on Facebook, Protection and Maintenance Team Manager Shabnam Shaik said it has improved the recognition system false accounts to identify patterns of activity that account.

"For example, our system may detect any associated recurrent upload the content or number of messages sent by the account," said Shaik in her upload.

He added that, with these changes, Facebook hopes can reduce spread of counterfeit activities including spam, false information, or content that fraud is often distributed by the creator of the fake account. Shaik also write down what Facebook was the first step to overcome the false accounts. "Facebook will continue to work hard to improve the service. This is just a first step, we hope there are always new advances to springboard into a better direction," said Shaik. 

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