Fingerprint Scanner in the iPhone Screen 8 Only Issue?

Since some time ago a growing rumor that says Apple will eliminate the physical Home button on the iPhone 8 released this year. This then raises the next question, which is the location of the fingerprint scanner (fingerprint scanner).

Mentioned, the iPhone 8 will have an optical fingerprint sensor. Instead placed on the body of the phone, the fingerprint scanner will be invested in the smartphone screen. Unfortunately, this would pose a major impasse to be resolved by Apple.

iPhone 8
Citing reports Ubergizmo, recently an analyst at Cowen and Company Timothy Arcuri sent a note to investors Apple and share information obtained from an iPhone component suppliers. Apparently, Apple still can not bring these technologies in the flagship smartphone that will be released this year (iPhone 8).

"For (iPhone 8) version of the 5.8-inch OLED screen, there is a major impasse in the integration of the fingerprint sensor on a glass bottom to the surface of the screen," Arcuri wrote in a note.

The impasse is compounded by Apple's unwillingness to use the fingerprint sensor on the screen made by a third party. If they do not successfully resolve this issue, Apple may follow Samsung, by moving the fingerprint sensor into the back of the device.

Another solution could be to announce the iPhone 8 in the autumn (around September), but Apple will delay the mass production of iPhone 8. Thus, the time span could be used by companies to solve the problem of integration of a fingerprint scanner to the screen surface.

So far, Apple has not confirmed the parties or any statement regarding the iPhone 8. Most likely, they will not even give any statement before the release of the new iPhone this year.

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