Fitbit Helps Uncover the Killer of the Users

Image: jbhifi

The murder mystery of a woman in the United States (US) is solved thanks to Fitbit wareable device. Connie Dabate died after being shot by her husband, Richard Dabate, at her home in Ellington, Tolland County, in November 2015.

When it happened, Connie was using Fitbit. This fitness tracker records Connie's activities, which police then use for investigation. The police access the activity data Connie in Fitbit in active and inactive before he was killed.

What does Fitbit reveal about the mastermind behind Connie's death?

In short, as reported by Wareable, Connie went fitness in the morning. At 9:14 am, his Fitbit was idle for 9 minutes as he was driving home.

At 09.23, Fitbit starts to reactivate as soon as he steps out of the car as his garage door opens. Furthermore, at 09:40 he uploaded photos to Facebook. New at 10:05, Fitbit stopped recording Conie's move. Though about 40 minutes earlier, Fitbit recorded 1,217 steps Connie around the house.

The above activity is incompatible with Richard's testimony which mentions that there is an intruder in his house and killed his wife. The reason, at 10:11, Richard punch alarm button home. Then, at 10.16 the alarm company called the police, while Richard called him to call the police at 10:20.

The police also collected various information and evidence that Richard himself who shot his wife. This is supported by evidence of Richard's message to his mistress, e-mailed to his superiors that he would come late, to find out his wife's schedule.

Apparently the motive for this murder was none other than Richard wanted to get rid of his wife because of Richard's pregnant lover got pregnant. Instead he made up the story that there was an intruder in his house and killed Connie for his

"It's rare to say that Fitbit's track record is safe, but it's an electronic footprint that records all movements, and that Fitbit can help with investigations, we can get information faster than waiting for DNA results," said Craig Stedman's lawyer.

However, it is unknown what kind of series Fitbit used by Connie at the time. Possible Charge HR or Surge as both are released in early 2015.