Hit by Security Problems, Yahoo CEO Can Not Be Additional

Yahoo's board of directors decided not to give bonuses that should be accepted Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer. The decision was taken after a number of security incidents occurred in the company from the United States.

Mayer has also reportedly preferred to release his rights grant for 2017. Although not mentioned in value, judging from Mayer's contract, the value of the equity grant was estimated at US $ 12 million.

The grant was then distributed to employees who were considered to have worked hard over the past year, especially when security incidents occurred. "I am the CEO of the company and the incident happened when I took office," hes said.

For information, the security incident in question is the unfolding of a large number of hacked Yahoo account hacks. The first hacking case was revealed in September 2016 and an estimated 500 million accounts became casualties.

Another case was revealed again at the end of last year. This hacking action is reported differently from the previous disclosure. According to records, there are about one billion accounts hacked hacked successfully.

Although certainly not receive a bonus, does not mean Mayer did not get anything from his position at this time. Latest report mentions Mayer was going to get US $ 186 million from the sale of Yahoo to Verizon.

The value comes from stock options and limited stock units that will be met before the deal closes. Mayer's stock valuation was performed by a New York Times analyst based on a Yahoo proxy statement filed with the Securities Exchange Commission.