How To Prevent LG G6 Explode

Not only Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident seems to be a lesson for LG. In order not to experience the same thing, the vendor from Ginseng Affairs did not maximize the contents of G6 battery.

Head of LG Mobile Communication Indonesia Heegyun Jang said the G6 phone has a battery capacity of 3300 mAh. But actually the capacity is more than that.

"LG G6 battery is actually a capacity of 3,500 mAh," said Jang when met after the launch of LG G6 in Jakarta.

LG reasoned by not maximizing the capacity of G6 battery can prevent excessive battery work. In addition, the battery temperature will be more stable.

"This is to protect and protect consumers," Jang said.

In addition to the strategy to reduce the contents of the battery, LG also incorporates heat pipe in G6 design. Currently quite a lot of laptops and PCs that carry heat pipe to reduce the temperature of heat. Heat pipe is made of copper material so it serves as a good heat conductor.

The use of heat pipe on LG G6 is claimed will help reduce Application Processor (AP) temperature in the range of 6-10%. In addition, LG product designers also widen the distance between AP and LCD driver IC which often become another hot source in a smartphone. 

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