Huawei Start Trial Android O on Mate 9

Huawei is expected to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) non-Gooogle first to try out the operating system (OS) Android O. So far, a number of users Nexus and Pixel, which can already taste the developer preview version of Android O.

Reporting Phone Arena, Huawei is now reportedly being tested versions of the Android unreleased. Vendors from China was already showing the OS to a number of people, but there are some features that are not functioning perfectly.

Android O
In addition, there are only two options for the language of the trial version is in English and Mandarin. But the good news, Huawei added a number of new applications and options.

Huawei has not announced the official launch of Android O for general users Mate 9. The launch is expected shortly after the launch of the perfect version of Android O.

Google released the first developer preview version of Android O on March 21, 2017. The Internet giant plans to release four developer preview version.

The second version is scheduled for release in May, three in June and July 2017. The fourth version of the official launch of the Android O scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.

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