Intel Developer Forum Annual Event On Stop, Why?

Intel usually showcased its latest findings at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF). But Intel is now choosing to stop the annual event. What is the reason?

Intel has been rolling out the IDF for 20 consecutive years, where they showcased the latest chip architecture and a variety of other products. But now they are forced to stop the event because they have changed the focus of the company that PC centric into data centric.

This decision was announced by Intel in a blog post, where they wrote they retired the IDF program and continue to move forward. This post appeared about 5 months before the IDF, which is usually held on August 15-17 in San Francisco.

The impact of the removal of the IDF is currently not measurable, especially since Intel has not yet created a successor event. But it seems now Intel will spread its product launch separately, not at once as is usually done in the IDF.

Intel's move is actually not surprising, because many other companies that have done it first, such as Apple and Microsoft. Now rather than holding a massive launch event, they chose to hold small but more frequent events to attract more attention. 

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