Italy Prohibit Uber Operations, Why?

The Italian court decided Uber app can no longer be used in the country. In addition, Uber is also not allowed to advertise their services there.

Fortune reports citing the decision came after businessmen in Italy accused Uber taxi run unhealthy competition. The courts ruled in favor of the taxi entrepreneurs.

Cs made by Travis Kalanick company rose by deadline 10 days to stop using his smartphone app in Italy. However, Uber also given the opportunity to appeal the decision.

The decision was a continuation after 2015 Italian prohibit UberPop service, which is known to encourage the presence of an illegal taxi service. At that time, The Guardian wrote UberBlack still able to operate, but now UberBlack also be banned.

It said the taxi driver in Italy against Uber to hold a national strike coordinated. They also advocate to the new regulations, even refused to meet with representatives Uber to discuss the agreement on competition.

Like many local taxis in other countries, taxis in Italy are strictly regulated and must be licensed at a cost that is not small. Uber known to avoid these costs so as to make the taxi driver to face a competitive disadvantage.

Quoted by Reuters, Uber unit in Italy said it was surprised by the decision of the court. They are also going to appeal against the decision.

Some places that have implemented the ban on Uber operations is Austin, Texas and Barcelona (Spain). Meanwhile, French and German authorities have refused platform that facilitates and employ a driver without a license.

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