Leeco Surrender Vizio Acquisition

Leeco had reportedly plan to acquire electronic devices Vizio. But now, the acquisition process between the two sides foundered in the middle of the road.

According to sources reported by Ubergizmo page, one of the reasons that led to the acquisition process fails none other financial issues experienced by Leeco. These constraints resulted in the acquisition process is delayed until an unspecified time.

Although the acquisition process is no longer held, Leeco stressed that partnerships with VIZIO will continue. In this case, the two companies will be a collaborative partner.

Collaboration was called to be beneficial for both parties, especially in terms of ecosystem development platform respectively.

In July 2016, Leeco actually been steadily acquiring Vizio. In fact, the value is unmitigated, about US $ 2 billion.

If the acquisition is successful, Vizio business for hardware and software will be fully owned and operated as a subsidiary Leeco. While Inscape which is a business unit of data Vizio, will be removed and operate independently as a private company.

The acquisition process should have been claimed to be beneficial to both parties. VIZIO offers Leeco ever-increasing number of users, while providing a means for Vizio Leeco to be able to directly market its innovations to the global market.

Leeco and Vizio have the same vision of creating premium products with the latest innovations that can be consumed by many people without having to sacrifice quality and performance, both from the students up to the cinephiles who could afford to buy a home theater quality.  

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