LeEco will layoff Massive Employees Across the US

Many say the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Leeco is experiencing difficulties. Trust, the company experienced financial problems. Because of this, Leeco canceled its plans to acquire Vizio.

Leeco also officially confirmed they give up buying Vizio. Based on the latest news, Leeco now continue the struggle in the world of business and potential layoffs (layoffs) to a third of its employees in the United States.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, Leeco seeks to lay off at least 175 employees in the US. Registered, the number of employees Leeco there today reached 475 people.

Ironically, plans to lay off employees is actually just came shortly after they decided to enter the US market.

Previously, Leeco enter the US market and brings a lot of their products, last October. 4K television as well as some types of smartphones are introduced to consumers in the land of Uncle Sam. However, Bloomberg reported, Leeco income in the US is less than US $ 15 million.

Worse, the company is headquartered in Beijing have been planning to inject additional capital of up to US $ 100 million. This is because they fail to meet revenue targets have been determined.

Unfortunately, Leeco has not confirmed nor denial about the report, but with the current financial condition is likely the company is at stake. Leeco seem to have to make decisions very difficult to survive in the competitive US market.

Leeco before confidently entered the US market by bringing its premium smartphone Leeco Le Pro 3 and Le S3. In addition, Leeco also introduced the smart electric car named LeSee.

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