LG Consider Certification IP68 Smartphone Is Enough

Flagship average smartphone has picked a specific IP certification. For example, LG G6 with IP 68 and IP Apple iPhone 7 to 67.

Regarding the type of certification, LG considers the certification of IP 68 is sufficient for smartphones. This was disclosed by Assistant Project Manager of LG Electronics Indonesia, Jae Hyoung Lee, told the media at a sneak peak session LG G6.

We see use only. IP 68 is sufficient anyway. What do you want to wear for anything up to a higher need certification of IP 68? "Said the man who intimates that Jamie called.

To note, theoretically if a device has IP 67 certification, the device was able to survive at a depth of one meter for half an hour. While the IP 68 certification demonstrates the ability of a device to survive in the depth of one and a half meter up to half an hour.

"With IP 68 even this smartphone will definitely be fine if using that fit the rainy season," said Jamie further.

Therefore, LG was already taken the right decision by choosing the IP 68 certification G6. Impact, powerful 3,300mAh battery in the G6 can not be uninstalled.

For comparison, other LG flagship smartphone the V20, deliberately did not include this certification because the V20 is designed so that the battery can be removed.

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