LG G6 Has Similar Features Galaxy S8

LG G6 mobile phone mentioned has similar features with the Galaxy S8. LG G6 reportedly equipped with a facial scan feature or what it describes as 3D face-scanning.

The news came from a local media called The Investor which was launched by Phone Arena. To bring these features, LG is working with the company Oez, the face recognition software developers from South Korea.

Based on the report also, facial scanner feature on LG G6 will be present in June 2017. Presence of these features along with LG Pay payment system.

LG chose Oez's face scanner because the company's software is easier to apply with other flagship smartphone models like LG G5 and LG V20. In addition, the OezFR software is also designed to not be easily fooled by using photos.

Facial recognition on LG G6 is claimed to be the first time used for payment systems on smartphones.

"LG is using OezFR to support a payment system that will be the first time for a facial recognition system that will be used for financial transactions in the premium smartphone sector," said a source at LG.

The face scanner technology on the smartphone has just introduced Samsung in Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Although considered a feature that is quite sophisticated at this time, but its security system easily broken only by using the photo of the owner.

Thus, interesting to look forward to whether LG's security system is only as a feature of "entertainment" or simply really useful for its users.

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