Most Powerful Tricks To Move microSD Android App

Google rolled out an update before Android 5.0 (Lollipop), many Android users complain of applications in the Play Store can not be saved to the microSD.

At that time, the only way to move the application is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, users need to root your Android smartphone or tablet it.

However, it does not mean jamming root Android devices do not contain risks, ranging from state-jamming device to hang up the warranty expire.


Through the Android 5.0 version update that Google runs, some vendors began crowded Android smartphone brings the ability or option to the user if he wanted to save the application to microSD.

Then, what are the advantages you get to move an application from internal memory to a microSD? In addition to the internal memory on the smartphone or tablet more spacious, the performance of the device will be noticeably faster.

How to? It's easy, here we have presented a way to move an application from internal memory to a microSD on Android 5.0.

1. Open the Settings menu.

2. Scroll down the menu to find the Apps menu. Click on the menu.

3. In the menu, you will see a list of what applications are installed on the device.

4. Tap the application that you want to retain or move to microSD.

5. After the click, scroll down to find the option Move to SD Card. Tap the button to start the process of moving applications. Wait until the move is complete.

Android 6.0 

And what about the Android 6.0? Do not worry, we also describe how to move an application to microSD for Android 6.0 users.

1. Open the Settings menu on your Android device, and find the Apps menu.

2. Click the Apps menu and will display a list of what the application is installed on a smartphone or tablet.

3. Select the application you want to move to microSD, and click Storage & USB.

4. You will be presented with options want to save the application to the internal storage or external storage, select the external storage.

5. Click the Next button in the bottom menu to start the removal process applications. Done, quite easy and fast is not it?

For your information, not all the applications can be moved to the microSD. Keep in mind, a successful application was transferred to the microSD, can not run the application when microSD removed from the device.

In Android 6.0, you can change the microSD card as the default storage - replaces the functions of internal memory. Therefore, you can enable the microSD into the storage media photos, videos, and applications.

Just make sure you use a microSD which has the ability to read and write data at high speed (class 10 microSD highly recommended).

Good Luck!

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