Nokia: Google Key to Success We at World Smartphone

Holder Nokia smartphone brands, HMD Global, has big plans related to the return of Nokia into the mobile phone business. Global HMD This is done to restore the well-known names such as Nokia so long ago, through the help of Google.

Citing a report by BGR, the Nokia press event at MWC, in February 2017, Nokia introduced three smartphones that Nokia 6 Nokia 5, and Nokia 3. All three carry the pure Android system, which is believed to be the Android OS dream of many people.

On stage MWC, Nokia said that it was working eject Android OS updates quickly. It is considered as an achievement that can not be done by pembesut other smartphones.

HMD Global Vice President for Middle East and North Africa Per Erkman confirms that purpose. For companies, Google is the key to making the Nokia victorious return. Not only with Google, Erkman call, Nokia also has a strategic partnership with Foxconn.

"Most of the smartphones on the market do not apply Android the way it should," said Erkman.

He said vendors add their own OS on the Android OS. "And consumers have the right to the latest version of Android, and we will encourage the latest version and patch coming soon, as it is available from Google," said Erkman.

Erkman also mentioned, Nokia and Google will work together to improve the brand Nokia, which is to include a variety of features in all Nokia smartphones, one of Google Assistant.

In theory, both are incredible plan, but to run pure Android on a phone looks like is not done by Google. For the first time since Android came, Google last year to adjust its own Android smartphone.

Google Pixel is an example of mobile phone that brings a variety of features, previously not available on Nexus.

In fact, Google partners have taken a significant step anti-Android. Bixby Samsung's virtual assistant is the main competitor to Google Assistant. Bixby become a potential threat to Google, in the long term.

Nokia as a company that is loved by millions of people also might be of primary interest to Google. The next test for Global HMD is how the first Android phone to be released in 120 countries in early May or 2017.

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