Not Just Beautiful, Samsung Galaxy S8 Body is also Very Sturdy

Almost none of the flagship smartphones escaped Zack's torture, the owner of YouTube account JerryRigEverything. Through his YouTube account, Zack always test the resilience of a smartphone device by undergoing a number of tortures ranging from scratches, burned, and bent.

This time, Samsung Galaxy S8 recently launched into testing material. As reported by Android Headlines, in general this smartphone is not only has a qualified specifications, but also has a body that can survive through a series of tests of torture.

Samsung Galaxy S8
In the scratch test, Zack scrapes the screen using Mohs picks. After testing through scratches with various levels, seen Galaxy S8 screen began to show a scratch on level 6 on the Mohs scale. This is because the screen has been protected Gorilla Glass 5.

Likewise on the back did not escape from testing this scratch and the result almost all parts on the rear panel can survive when scratched using a cutter knife. Except fingerprint sensors that can be easily scratched but without causing negative effects on its function.

The resilience of this smartphone is also proven when testing is burned. The Galaxy S8 screen proved to be resistant after being burned for 30 seconds with fire. Although had left a mark, but the former disappeared quickly.

The last test is by bending or known bend test. The result, Samsung Galaxy S8 looks very sturdy where no damage is seen after several attempts are bent with empty hand.