Not Want Money, Ransomware It Victims Request Playing Game

Ransomware is a type of malware that is highly avoidable computer users. The reason is, this malware is designed to lock the device so that the victim can not be accessed. To regain access, the victim is usually asked to pay a ransom first.

But a brand-new ransomware has a different bid. Instead of asking for ransom, the victim of malware called "Rensemware" was asked to play a games to regain access from devices that have been taken hostage.

Reported by Forbes pages, victims should be entitled to play games Undefined Fantastic Object to regain access to the device. Unsparing, victims are required to reach a value of 200 in game mode very difficult.

For information, Undefined Fantastic Object is the twelfth series of games Touhou Project. Game who have Seirensen Touhou title in Japanese was first introduced in 2009. In these games, players are required to destroy a UFO is an enemy.
Fortunately, rensemware a threat which is designed as an act of mere whim. Rensemware malware creators said it was nothing more than an attempt to joke. Therefore, he also has written an apology to computer users who have been victimized.

Not only that, he also has Preparing special tool so that the victims can regain access to the computer. This tool is used to trick Rensemware so easy to think that the games have been played and achieve the minimum score required.

For information, ransomware is a malware designed to extort victims. This malware encrypts data stored in the computer so that the victim can not be accessed. Then, the victim will be asked to pay a ransom to be able to access his data back.

Usually the ransom demanded by the assailants converted in the form of digital units, namely bitcoin. Security experts estimate the ransoms demanded ranging in the thousands or millions of dollars per day. Ransomware is also touted as one of the growing threat of cyber fastest since 2005.

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