Remember! Microsoft Immediate Release Flow Features

News increasingly strong blows from the factory software, namely Microsoft where giant companies that focus on producing such software is reported to be releasing an additional feature for feature Flow. Automated processing platform in between updates update Microsoft Graph Picker recognition and support for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Apparently, this update is quite appealing to users Micosoft.
Microsoft Flow
Now please note that there is a platform that can be used by the user to be able to register for free and allows developers to directly embed the Microsoft Flow Template to a website or websites. Related to serve targeted, Microsoft also believes that the renewal Graph People Picker functions to simplify contact management and email action.

On the other hand, Stephen Siciliano PM as Principal Group Manager for Microsoft Flow revealed that it gives
related explanation update this feature where when the later is integrated the Flow feature will help users to have contacts or email addresses are on target. "This new feature will help to prevent any type email addresses of colleagues" he said through a blog spot Microsoft.

In addition, Microsoft's own party also made clear that fitu Flow is a platform that has the ability to create workflows automatically, that is between the user's favorite applications and services in order to obtain a notice in the form of a notification, file synchronization, and data collection. 

In fact, it is known also that each flow will support the users to be able to connect directly and change to automatic service web service, files, and cloud-based data from online sources. Anatar alain from sources Office 365, Dropbox, Twittr, and GitHub. 

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