Sales of Super Mario Nintendo Run Not Match Expectations

Super Mario Run arguably is one of Nintendo games is quite popular in the market. Since two months released for iOS, gaming iconic plumber made by the Japanese games giant has even been downloaded up to 78 million times.

Although claimed in demand and reap great zest, Super Mario Run unfortunately not satisfactory for Nintendo. Therefore, reported by Ubergizmo, sales of Super Mario Run still can not meet the company's expectations.

Super Mario Run
Delivered Tatsumi Kimishima, president of Nintendo, Super Mario Run yet also showed a significant increase in sales.

Initially, these games was downloaded tens of millions of times. For the record, the weekly number is a number where players download Super Mario Run freemium version, the free version in the first 3 levels. Afterwards, they had to pay about $ 10 to enjoy the full version.

"Super Mario Run should be able to benefit the company, then until now he has not been able to reach the sales target," said Kimishima.

As a strategic move, Nintendo also speed up the launch schedule of Super Mario Run for Android. They also rolled out an update to iOS, which presents a number of features and new characters.

Not only that, Nintendo also added a feature Easy Mode in World Tour mode, the adjustment amount that is obtained when winning Toad Toad Rally and Rally Tickets amount obtained from the block '?' in the gim.

Looking ahead, Nintendo plans to add a number of new levels will be unlocked in Super Mario Run when there is a specific event.

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