Samsung Annexed HP Printer

It is common knowledge if Samsung is a well-known vendor Paing today in the world of smart phones. Because the market share can be achieved Samsung is able to compete with Apple that is a vendor from the United States. In addition, the products made by Samsung seemed to have become the mecca that is indisputable for all vendors that use the Android operating system. That is why the dominance of Samsung is not messing around anymore.
Feel confident in the field of communication technology, Samsung started to streamline its business. visible business unit that is less favorable stripped down one by one. However, in order not to lose, the better the business units sold to more needy than have to liquidate assets that have been built long ago. This time Samsung reported sell the printer business at Hewlett Packard.

This news is not surprising. Because the issue has long been blow if Samsung will sell businesses that are less profitable for them. If you look at the process, the purchase of this business unit will be carried out by the method of spin-offs. This method will be run by the formation of a new company by Samsung, which contains a number of infrastructure assets and its printer manufacturing of experts in it.

According to HP this is an effective way to enhance the role of HP in the printer world. Because the printer is a complex unit in any part in it. Even from the aspect of care, the printer is not an easy item to be treated because it involves many mechanical systems related strain.

The total business of lego is reportedly reach 1 billion US dollars and is not a small figure for both sides of the colossus. Interestingly, although the business has been sold at, Samsung is rumored to still be selling printer brand's own premises. However, it will use HP output quota until an undetermined time.

If the plan goes ahead, it can be said the whole quality of HP and Samsung will be felt by users in a single printer device. Hopefully, if during this HP printer manufacturer's known as not being changed as a result of the agreement.

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