Sensors in Smartphones So influx Hacker Cracks

The use of various sensors in smartphones not be denied is already a mandatory feature. The presence of these sensors is the foundation of the smartphone functionality that exists today.

But you know, based on the latest research, it turned out a variety of sensors can be slit entry of hackers. Is the number of experts from Newcastle University who conducts research on the matter.

Quoted from the BBC, the attack can occur for a number of mobile applications and websites do not require a special permit to access the sensor. As a result, a number of malicious programs can deliberately infiltrated to 'eavesdrop' smartphones.


"In a number of sites that are opened from a smartphone or tablet, some of which are of shelter malicious code and can spy on personal data entered by the user," said Dr. Mary Mehrnezhad of Newcastle University.

Even in some cases, when the site was closed, the malicious code can still observe the behavior of the victim, including when the smartphone is locked. This problem is increasingly difficult to overcome because each vendor uses different sensors.

"A lot of people are more concerned about the camera and GPS rather than censorship," he said. The research team is now able to identify 25 different sensors are now standard on most devices.

Based on trials that have been conducted, the researchers can unlock PIN code four Android smartphones in the first trials with 70 percent accuracy. While accuracy is increased up to 100 percent of the fifth trial.

They also found the whole actions users, ranging from knocks, move, and hold the screen to read the other side. The reason, each action it turned out to produce movement and enable the different sensors.

The existence of this vulnerability has been reported for a number of prominent technology companies such as Google and Apple. But until now, there is no response from the company.

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