Similar Mi MIX, iPhone 8 Will Perform Without Bezel?

As ever, the iPhone that will be released this year (often referred to as the iPhone 8) talked about in cyberspace. Unsparing, various leaks about the iPhone 8 were already crowded spread on the internet. More recently, in the quotation from page iDropNews, shows alleged iPhone smartphone display 8 based on the description of a Foxconn employee.

Known, Foxconn is the manufacturing partner of Apple in the iPhone product gush. Based on the description of the Foxconn employee, a man named Benjamin Geskin then make a prototype image.

iPhone 8
It is not possible that the leaked iPhone 8 revealed that Foxconn employees in accordance with the product who will pitch in September.

Mentioned on the page, see the iPhone 8 it has a dual camera modules that are placed vertically. In addition, the Touch ID feature is also placed on the back as in the pictures, the iPhone 8 seemed present without bezel and without the Home button.
This of course sparked controversy, as previously rumored Apple has patented technology Touch ID (fingerprint) on screen. With the presence of suspected iPhone mobile phone photo 8 this, so can not be applied technology Apple Touch ID on the screen.

But do not be surprised if the iPhone 8 will have a Touch ID on the screen. According to the unnamed employee, now Apple and Foxconn are testing two prototype iPhone.

The first model, the iPhone 8 has Touch ID on the back, while the second model, the Touch ID is placed below the screen. These employees also recalled that one of the design of the iPhone 8 he told it may already be entered into the production process.
So far, the employee also reveal other specifications, such as 5.8-inch OLED screen, a thin bezel, wireless charging, a front camera that is "hidden" under the screen, a large power button, full metal body behind, as well as touch ID in bottom of the screen (or on the back).  

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