Sketches Latest iPhone with Dual-camera Revealed

In 2017, Apple will celebrate the birthday of the iPhone is the 10th since the smartphone was launched by Steve Job. You could say the iPhone is one of the pioneering touch-screen smartphone that has a variety of interesting functions. 
Of course it is still remember when Steve Job said that Apple's smartphone is able to bring a full QWERTY keyboard and candybar as well that make the audience amazed.

To commemorate this rumored age 10 iPhone Apple will launch the iPhone Special Edition with iPhone 8 or iPhone name X. recently appeared sketch design of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X leaked from Foxconn on the site Seen this smartphone will not have the display bezel on either side.

In addition, the front camera, the physical home button Apple hallmark, fingerprint sensors, and a variety of sensors will be present at the bottom of the screen. On the part of the frame will be made of metal material that has a round design as that of the Apple Watch. The most interesting thing found on the back which are dual-camera system.

Dual-main camera is made vertically coupled with LED flash and autofocus laser that lies between the two lenses. Meanwhile, more physical buttons, such as power, volume, and shifters mute / unmute will be pinned as well on the iPhone 8 or X's iPhone. But the sketch is not yet final so we have to wait for the next leak 

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