Snooping on a North Korean PC Operating System Like Mac OS X

Former Google employee named Will Scott recently had the opportunity to visit Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, North Korea (North Korea). From the results of his visit, Scott indulgence in the appearance of the operating system homemade country.

The North Korean operating system is named Red Star 3. From the results of his experience when tested, Scott finds little equation between Red Star 3 with Apple's proprietary operating system, namely Mac OS X.

When you first install Red Star 3, the user is prompted to select a city for the time zone. Interestingly from sharing that time zone option, there is no South Korea for as the desired time zone option.


At first glance, Red Star 3 looks similar to Mac OS X. It is said, this is a request from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un itself, before he caught using the iMac on his desk in 2013 ago.

Elements of other similarities with the Mac OS X operating system, for example when accessing a stored document, its form feels like Finder, Apple's management system. Similarity is also felt in the home view.

Switch when surfing in cyberspace, Red Star browser called Naenara is described Scott looks modified version of Mozilla Firefox browser.

Like the operating system in general, Red Star also provides a default wallpaper that can be user choice. This Red Star Wallpaper presents breathtaking views, from the Zhuangzi River, the Azaleas bush, the farmland in North Korea, to the sunrise views of Paekdu Mountain, the active volcano of the North's border with China.

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