Snooping Sophisticated Features on Smartwatch

Smartwatch has been widely circulated and used by mobile users. Smartwatch or smart watches have a variety of advanced features and varying prices.

Some manufacturers are competing to issue smartwatch products equipped with cutting-edge features, ranging from Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola to Apple. Here are some features embedded in the wearable device.


Search Browser

Smartwatch devices equipped with sensors that can read the user activity, ranging from running until the monitor feature when the user sleeps. How many steps the user reaches when jogging for example and how many calories burned can be known through supporting applications.

GPS Features

The latest smartwatch model is equipped with GPS feature that supports map application. Thus, the user is helpful if you want to find a specific location.

Personal Assistant

Smartwatch is also equipped with personal assistant features such as Gear S3, which supported S-Voice feature. This feature lets the user say the command to open the device's device in smartwatch.

Finding a Mobile Phone

Smartwatch can generally be connected to a mobile phone, allowing this smart watch to communicate with the user's handset. In the ZenWatch series, users can utilize the feature 'Find my phone' so that the smartphone can issue a ring.